How to Integrate ICT?

    You want to integrate technology, but don't know where to start? So welcome to the site that offers an integration Technology Integration in School (TIiS) model for you!

    You can find out technology TIiS model that helps you to integrate technology in schools.

    In recent years, schools have invested heavily in putting technology-especially computers and their associated infrastructure-in the hands of students, teachers, and administrators. Many people involved in education, from legislators to teachers to parents, as well as the general public, want to know what technology exists in schools and how that technology is being used. These are a few of the questions that are typically asked:

  • How can technology support the educational vision for our district?
  • What are our technology needs?
  • Are our technology goals right for our needs?
  • Have we reached our technology goals yet?
  • Where has the money gone?
  • Are we doing as well as others?

Purpose of the Guide of Technology Integration


    This guide has been developed to help answer those questions listed on the previous page and many others related to them. It is meant to fulfill several purposes:

  • to provide guidelines and tools to gather information on the presence and use of technology in schools;
  • to facilitate the development and maintenance of data on technology in schools;
  • to help reduce the redundancy and diversity in data collection and, simultaneously, to facilitate comparability in the information obtained; and
  • to increase awareness of the breadth of issues related to the deployment of technology in educational settings.

    As it fulfills these purposes, the guide should help focus questions asked about computer technology in education so that more meaningful policy and discussion can emerge.