Check your plan's availability with School Policies

    People around you, your colleagues, started to talk about "technology integration". Instructional technologist of your school suggests and insists you to use technology for your lesson.  And now, you start to think about technology integration.

What you need to do is first figuring out your plan and check policies.

    As Regional Technology Education Consortia's (RTEC) defined: "A technology plan serves as a bridge between traditional established standards and classroom practice. It articulates, organizes, and integrates the content and processes of education in a particular discipline with appropriate technologies. It facilitates multiple levels of policy and curriculum decision-making, especially in school districts, schools, and educational organizations that allow for supportive resource allocations."

    As you can understand from the definition, your plan should facilitate policies. Policies are guidelines for activity, put into writing and officially decreed or accepted by the organization. In a sense, technology plans represent end points for which technology policies are a beginning and a road map. Therefore here is what you have to do first. Before finding out how you will use technology tool in your instruction, you should check your school policies in order to find out whether policies let you to integrate this tool or not.  Because effective technology integration requires school and district policies to ensure the appropriate behavior, safety and equitable treatment of all students. As Roblyer recommends, you may consider followings with school administrators: "Internet use policies", "Legal/ethical use policies", "Policies to ensure equity".