What about money?

    OK you planned what you want to do. You determined the relative advantage and you are sure that it is appropriate for your school's rules and policies. So, what's next?

    As Napoleon said: "Money, money, money, money"

    It is time to talk with your administrator about the technology or software that you want to integrate. Figure out whether your school's budget allows you to provide such technology.

There is no doubt that installing and managing technology in schools involves allocating money resources. Whenever we want to take educational decision it requires resource allocation. In the planning process, budgets can inform the allocation of resources. Therefore, as a school community you need to find out some answers to the key questions before you figure out your finance situation for technology integration.

You can use following questions to reassure your finance:

  1. How does your school district compare in technology expenditures with others in your state?
  2. How much was spent in the past academic year for instructional and administrative equipment purchases?
  3. How much was spent for instructional and administrative applications and software?
  4. How much was spent for maintenance and support?
  5. How much was spent for instructional and administrative professional development?
  6. How much was spent for connectivity and infrastructure?

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