Now you are ready to start! Use TIP Model!

    OK! You come to the end. You planned and considered your school policies, then, arrange your finance appropriately with the school budget, found the equipment and technical people for maintenance and support.
    This means, you are ready to integrate your technology.

    Here is a good model for you to consider for your technology integration: TIP Model.   TIP model is created for you as a guide that ensures the efficiency of integrated technology about whether it meets the needs or not. In this model, there are 5 phases which prepares you to set and implement your technological integration into your teaching efficiently and successfully.

  1. Phase 1: You need to define the advantages of integrating technology into teaching in order to see the possible good solutions and new better ways work with this integration to give up your traditional routines.
  2. Phase 2: You decide the objectives and assessment methods best suit with this integration.
  3. Phase 3: You should define your own teaching strategies and activities work best with this approach.
  4. Phase 4: You should prepare a healthy teaching environment that provides effective technology integration. At this point you should have efficient technical support to make a healthy atmosphere. Even if it is hard for the school to support such technical materials for you, you should consider what you have in your school before planing.
  5. Phase 5: You should come up with a pros and cons list of the technology that you used in your lesson. You should define what worked well and what could be improved.

Picture Reference*: Roblyer, M., Chapter 2. pg. 26.